Scuba Diving Equipment List: All The Gear You’ll Ever Need

If you are a scuba diving enthusiast, choosing the right gear is absolutely essential for a safe and enjoyable underwater experience. In this section, we will give you a detailed insight on the features of a typical scuba diving gear for deep diving.

Mask- Every scuba diving gear will have a one-pane, oval shaped mask. This mask develops air space right before your eyes, which further helps them in focusing underwater. The nose pocket in the mask will help you in equalizing the air pressure of your mask as you eventually delve deeper. While choosing a mask, make sure it is watertight and comes with a good fit.

Snorkel- This is the curved tube that will help you breathe while you float with your face down on the water’s surface. Snorkel is mainly used for storing air in your tank while you are on the surface of water. While choosing a gear make sure the snorkel is comfortable, easy to use and durable.

Fins- The fins are probably the best way to move underwater as they transfer the power from your leg muscles to efficiently move through water, which again is about 800 times denser than the level of air. While choosing fins, make sure they are comfortable and efficient.

Exposure suits- Crafted from the foam neoprene rubber, these suits help you in insulating against water’s cooling effect, which again can rob heat from your body about 25 times faster than that of air. While choosing exposure suits make sure they have a great fit and provide complete comfort.

Buoyancy Compensators- The BCs help you in ascending and descending in water with utmost ease. While choosing a good compensator make sure it is easy to use and comfortable enough.

Regulators- The regulators help you dive through water in varying conditions. So as you choose a regulator make sure it renders excellent performance and deliver high volume of air in proper depth.

Computers- An extremely valuable tool for safe diving, computers consistently monitor your bottom time and depth. When you go for a diving suit, try to make sure the computer is user friendly.