What’s Up!

Maxine Silva here and I am all about the water, in particular, scuba diving. Like most folks, I started when I was young, probably pre-teen (11 or 12 years old). I am not going to lie…I was scared out of my mind…lol. I had heard stories of people going scuba diving and getting bitten by sharks or some other bad thing happening. But more than being scared, I was excited. Like I said, I have always been a water person, with swimming and surfing. But scuba diving is a whole new animal.

After I went scuba diving the first time, I was hooked. I really can’t explain it, but there is something about being that deep under water and see the fishes and other water animals and being fascinated. The feeling of just you and the water is exhilarating. The rush of not knowing what you will see is amazing. As an adult, I go scuba diving as often as I can, which is pretty much all the time. If I decide to go on a vacation, I have to go to a place where I can scuba dive. If I can’t, I don’t go. That’s just how bad I’ve gotten for it.

You know what this blog is going to be about then…scuba diving and everything that goes along with it. I also will tell you some things I found out myself about scuba diving, like well-known people or celebrities who love scuba diving as much as I do. If you have never been scuba diving, I would highly suggest you put it on your bucket list.